Town of DeRuyter, New York

History of the Town Hall




The existing two story and basement building was constructed in 1907-1908 and is situated on a parcel of approximately 1.5 acres in the center of the Village of DeRuyter, bounded on four sides by streets.  The building coverage at ground level is approximately 3,500 square feet.

Taken From the 1907 Gleaner:



The Contracts Let, Work to Commence as Soon as Possible.


After many weeks of careful consideration of the various bids submitted to them, including revision of plans, examination of several school buildings, etc., the Board of Education have accepted bids for the construction of DeRuyter’s new school building which ensure its erection the coming season.  The accepted bids are:

For the carpenter work, Lester Orcutt of South Dayton, N.Y., at $7,624.50

The Mason work, Preston B. Parker, Randolph, N.Y. $5,782.00

The heating plant, E.E. Palmer, Syracuse, N.Y., $694.00

This provides for everything about the work except the plumbing, which the approximate $100 left of the $15,000.00 appropriated will amply cover.

The architect’s bill is $502.00 which is also included.  The Board is confident that the appropriation will fully cover the total cost.



The Town Hall building was originally constructed as the DeRuyter Union School to replace a large, four story stone structure built as the DeRuyter Academy in 1835.  The original academy was located just west of the present building on the same lot.

DeRuyter Academy
"Old Stone Heap"


In 1931 the consolidated DeRuyter Central Rural School District was created and in 1936 a second school building housing high-school students was constructed on Railroad Street.  With the elimination of many rural schools during the 1940s, new school construction was warrented.  In May, 1952, a new wing was added to the Railroad Street building and the "old brick" school discontinued.  In May, 1953, the former school was turned over to the Town for $50.



One of the class rooms in the old school.

Front to back, starting at left:
Row 1: Francis Handy, Richard Wood, Burnette Rainbow
Row 2: Carline Swayze, Lawrence Rainbow, Helen Thompson, Edith Van Dee
Row 3: Alice Briggs, Robert Ousler, Nancy Vincent, Ivan Atwood
Row 4: Janice Coon, Erma Paddock, Alice McGowan, Myrtle Bliss
Row 5: George Hoobler, Leah Vincent, Robert Powers, Percy Van Deusen, Robert Long
Row 6: Wells Smith, Betty Fox, Glen Warner, Wellrose Newitt

Fire Bell


Article from the August 21, 1984 Cortland Standard:
     The old DeRuyter fire bell has been hung in front of the Town Hall.
     After nearly 38 years in storage, the bell has been given a place of honor beside the flag poles which were erected on the east lawn a couple of years ago.
     The bell was used as a fire bell from 1884 to 1946 when the Town Hall, then known as Union Hall, burned.  The old bell was then put in storage until recently.
     The base of chimney blocks was erected by workers from Camp Georgetown under the direction of David Marshall who polished the old bell.  Supervisor Susan Waterstripe painted the supporting framework.
     The bell was cast in 1832 by the L.A. Spinwall Co. of Albany.  It originally hung in the Old Union Church which stood approximately on the site of the present day United Church of Christ.
     When the church was torn down in 1883, the bell was saved to be used as a fire bell.

1931 Classroom

Front to back, starting at left:
Row 1: Genett Burrows, Mary Smith, Doris ____ Best, Winifred Wood, Beatrice Grinell, Vivian Jones Wood, Della Fox (teacher, standing)
Row 2: Dorothy Wells, Jimmy Hinds, Edna Atwood Dorward, Esther Watten, Irene Vincent, ??
Row 3: Vane McAllister, Joyce Hathaway, Robert McGowan, Barbara Lee, Evelyn Brown, Nina Mathews Albro, ___ Stearns Brown
Row 4: Dorothy Fox, Howard Paddock, Marjorie Dorward, Jeannie _____, _____Thetis Lambert
Row 5: Jean Hoobler Brand, Earl Nielsen, Genevieve Sawyer, Raymond Ossont, Elizabeth Ryan

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